Best Brands for Petite Bottoms

As a shirt lady I run Into so many issues when it comes to picking out pants. Either the pant leg is too long or they don’t have my size, or it’s both. I’ve found the solution ladies. Don’t worry I got you! Check out some of the brands I have found my happy place with when it comes to chosen bottoms. 

1. Bananay Republic 

Banana Republic has answered my call. They are my go to for professional classy bottoms. Their petite section actually Has the same items as the regular women’s section, which I am surprised. Normally a lot of stores don’t have the same options for different body types, but Banana Republic does. the Sloan Cropped pants as Banana Republic and Banana Republic Factory fit me just right as far as length and size. I don’t even have to wear a belt with these pants like I do others. I walked the streets of New York without having to constantly pull up my pants. I wear a size 12 in the Sloan Cropped pants. They are easy to out on and the fabric is amazing. I’m wearing the Sloan Cropped pants from Banana Republic in this photo below. 

2. Ann Taylor 

As I was shopping around about two weeks ago. I came across Ann Taylor and I have to admit they surprised me with their petite section. I saw a jumpsuit nicely styled on a mannequin and just knew it wouldn’t fit me well, but I was wrong! I tried it on in a size 10 and it fit and the length of the pant was on point. It hit my ankle just right! sonwhat did I do? I bought it of course. I haven’t taken any photos in it yet, but you can check it out here on Ann Taylor Factory‘s website. 

Now the next one may seem a bit of a surprise, but it’s the truth.

3. Walmart 

now I know what you’re thinking… don’t get it twisted I did what I needed to do to feel the most comfortable  in my skin. Walmart has a great petite pants section, especially for jeans. I have gotten so many pairs of jeans from there and they fit me to a T! I have gotten my jeans from Old Navy, Express and other big retailers, but it’s just something about Walmart jeans that hug me in all the right places. Although, I’ve only worn their jeans; I can say  out of all of the jeans I‘ve tried…even Fashion Nova, Walmart jeans fit me the best. They cater to the short and curvy girls as well. So ladies when our just can’t find what you are looking for at those big clothing stores, remember Walmart is just around the corner. No one could ever tell. 

Don‘t worry ladies. I got you. Especially the petites. I have to hold the forte down, because nobody else will. 

I hope  you enjoyed reading this content. If you would like to see more recommedation content, let me know in the comments down below. 

Much Love, 

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