Jessica A

Growing up I wasn’t fortunate enough to buy the clothes I wanted. My mother tried so hard to make us happy with what she had. I developed a love for fashion at a very young age. I just knew I would go to SCAD and major in fashion design once I graduated high school, but that never happened. I was told that I should work in a career that paid well where I could progress easily. So I went to school for Communications and Media Studies.

After college I did nothing with that degree. Instead I migrated to the Information Technology Industry. Still wasn’t happy. Yes, the pay was good, but why couldn’t I do something I loved? I lost myself in the world. I depended on others to decide my next steps in life. MY life. Until one day I was determined to find a way out of this terrible cycle. I thought about the life I wanted to live and embarked on a journey to find the real me.  ​​There was trial and error along the way. A lot of failure, but I keep fighting through it. I look forward to owning one fo the top fashion and travel blogs out there. I foresee the future of traveling to London, France, Japan, etc to learn about the fashion culture and how I can incorporate it into my daily wardrobe! I hope you enjoy my blog and everything it has to offer. This is a reminder to follow your dreams. Make them a reality. Put one foot forward the other one will follow.